Experiencing DIGI Postpaid For Business


A cute hamster from Digi drop me this Windows Phone Bundle to try out their latest business plan – Digi Postpaid for Business.

I ran a small design company named Light Owl Studio, an interior design, graphic design and web design company.
They want me to give this plan a try as a business individual.

The Windows Phone Package included:
Microsoft Lumia 950XL
Display Dock (At a special rate)
Wireless Display Adapter (FREE!)
Digi Business Postpaid 238 SIM Pack

* The above Windows Phone Promotion Bundle is a limited-time only deal from Digi, but the deal had since ended when this article went live. *

Wireless Display Adapter, Microsoft Lumia 950XL, and Display Dock.


Being the top tier Business Postpaid 238 plan, for RM238 every month, you’ll get:

25GB of Internet Quota with 5GB Internet rollover,
Unlimited Calls and SMS to all networks,
Unlimited Whatsapp and WeChat,
Free 100GB Capture Cloud Storage,
Unlimited data to Capture Cloud Storage app and Appear.in Video conferencing app.

The plans are mostly aimed at Small & Medium Businesses (SME) owners.

All variants of Digi Postpaid for Business


Some of you bosses might wonder, what so different about this business postpaid?

Short answer is NO DIFFERENT. but just bare with me.

The advantage for this plan is you will be able to include your whole business phone bills under “Company Expenses”. Still don’t understand? consult your tax advisor for this. ;)

For IDD calls, you don’t need to dial the budget IDD prefix number to make an international call. Just dial direct the number and you will be connected to your oversea clients/colleague immediately.

But to be honest, other then the above two, the plan has no different with the personal plan (other then it cost slightly higher).

It’s targeted to Small & Medium Businesses (SME)

For the purpose of my review, Digi decided to pair the plan with a Windows Phone.

Bad idea. 

I love my readers, if you do plan to take this plan, choose an iPhone or any Android devices. Windows Phone is just not ready yet, and it sucks.

Being a business plan bundled WINDOWS PHONE. There’s no myDigi app, no Digi Music Freedom app, no Capture app, no Appear.in app (a Telenor app for Video Conferencing). From the response from Digi, there’s no plan for Windows Phone to have all these apps anytime soon.

For network performance, Digi perform quite well in most case, the fast 4G LTE and network coverage does help out when I need to tether internet to my laptop to get some job done when I’m outside of my office. Speed average around 20-30M at most place. Call quality is generally perfect, but does suffer to some drop calls, which isn’t too bad.

How about IDD calls? It works perfectly. But too bad my business don’t really use much international calls.

Speedtest - One of the best Speedtest result for Digi 4G LTE Network


Design with SME in mind? As a SME owner, I found this plan to be un-intuitive and lack of features.

To stand out from the personal plan, these are my 2cents to the plan.

  1. An offer to a 1st party or 3rd party Business Training Programme,
  2. Software Bundle (Antivirus subscription, Microsoft Office subscription),
  3. A ticket to work something out with DigiX? ,
  4. A Priority Support Line? (this could be simple to implement)
  5. Offers a coverage f i x & signal boost within the company area?

TigerBites! – Do You Know Your Street Food by Tiger Beer –


TigerBites is all about FOOD! Something we as Malaysians can never had enough of it!

The TigerBites car convoy to Penang to uncovered some of the best street flavours around Penang! (and some in Ipoh also!)


Ion as the host of the event!

Met Jason and Isaac! And the fellow lady bloggers Diana, Bowie, Miriam and Elana!

Off to Penang with a whole convoy of Volkswagons! *Click load more for more pictures!*

So our first destination at Ipoh,



DiGi is the FIRST Telco in Malaysia to offer Direct Billing for Google Play


DiGi Direct Billing for Google Play


DiGi just recently announced that they had collaborate with Google Malaysia to enable DiGi Direct Billing for Google Play.

Direct Billing for Google Play is basically an alternative payment methods for Digi Android users for all their Google Play transactions. It links your Digi and Google Account, your purchase will show up on your coming bills, which is much convenient and secure, without credit card or debit card. Both Prepaid and Postpaid are supported.

No more troublesome Debit Card restrictions and Credit Card nightmares! PAY WITH DIGI! 

What Can I Buy?

Anything! anything from Play Store, include Apps, Games, Movies, Books, Newsstands and even in-app purchases.

For mobile gamers rejoice! Playing Clash of Titans or Candy Crush? Want more turns to farm resources? Wants lots of gems? Or double XP packs? NO PROBLEM!

How to it Setup?

Enabling Digi billing is easy, just go to “My Account” in Play Store, enable it like the steps above. It will verify your account with Digi and you’re done.

Ok Ok, BUY BUY BUY. But How?

Select the apps you want, then under “Payment methods”, select “Bill my Digi account”, and key in your Google account password. That’s all. Fast right?

Secure or not one oh?

Just between Digi and Google, no cash or credit/debit card transaction involved, every purchase will be listed in your next Digi bill.

I don’t believe you, I want to see more information about it.

Nah, here’s the beautifully designed website at Digi. – DiGi Direct Billing For Google Play.