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Illustration work – Wallpaper

Dragon illustration work i’ve done out of boredom…. the illustration is half way thou. Will show my next progress later tomorrow.

The illustration is made in 1280×768, so you can use it as your widescreen computer wallpaper too. :)
Dragon wallpaper

Some small decorations on my Kelisa

Last Saturday, i went to D-Sticker Station (DSS) for a car decal test. haha. a bit hand-itchy only lar.

It’s a bamboo theme decals, using Matt semi-transparent sticker. The sticker material is interesting but when it’s done, it turns out em…. “I don’t like the design”.

The rear sticker is not done yet. But I’m thinking to drop this idea and go for another design. How you guys think?


Round the World Trip

Saw this strange looking¬†car few days ago at North South Highway when on the way to Port Dickson. (no, i din go there for vacation… need to do some works)

Ok… thats a weird looking car when it appears in Malaysia. Anybody know what car is this?

Round the world


New camera in da house!

Ok… Just some simply stories behind this camera… The Olympus I’m using just gone for service, something gone wrong with the lens, and my father told me to get one new ASAP because he want to use it. and so on…

Ok. so this is the box for the new camera – Panasonic Lumix FS4

Panasonic Lumix FS4

Panasonic Lumix FS4

Bought it at The Mines. It cost RM450, comes with 2GB Panasonic SD card, camera cover and a small camera tripod.

Can’t show you the camera itself because my old Olympus is not with me now…