New camera in da house!

Ok… Just some simply stories behind this camera… The Olympus I’m using just gone for service, something gone wrong with the lens, and my father told me to get one new ASAP because he want to use it. and so on…

Ok. so this is the box for the new camera – Panasonic Lumix FS4

Panasonic Lumix FS4

Panasonic Lumix FS4

Bought it at The Mines. It cost RM450, comes with 2GB Panasonic SD card, camera cover and a small camera tripod.

Can’t show you the camera itself because my old Olympus is not with me now…

So, I took the camera for some test in a construction site.

Cons. Site 1

Cons. Site 2

Cons. Site 3

The overall photo looks not bad. At least it didn’t failed me like my Olympus. Lightings are fairly well captured here.


haha… something I found interesting is a fully D.I.Y PingPong Ball table. The workers here do know how to keep themselves entertain. :)

Now comes some Macro shots settings…

P1010484 P1010485

Both shot at the same place but with slightly different angle. The depth of field of Macro is just nice. I just love DOP.

The best part of this camera, there’s a pretty smart “IA Mode” which basiclly choose modes automaticly for you. Fully Noob-proof PnS camera. But I think it’s best suit my father anyway.  XD

Soo far the photo came out of this camera looks sleek. Not bad for a RM450 priced camera.


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