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Info about the real Penguin at Wikipedia.

Where can we find Penguins?

1. South Pole
Cute Penguin met humans.

2. Linux

3. Zoo Negara

4. Cartoons (like Happy Feet)

And many more. :)

But just recently, inside a Starbucks Coffee Tumblr too!

So, what this post is about? It’s all about “I WANT THAT Penguin TUMBLR!!!”

Starbucks Malaysia is giving out this SUPER-LIMITED edition tumblr to 2 lucky Twitter-er! So, let’s hope luck is with me. :)

Starbucks 11th Anniversary Treat! FREE tall brewed coffee!

Starbucks Malaysia 11 Anniversary Treat! Every outlet in Malaysia is giving out FREE tall brewed coffee! It happens today and only 11am to 1pm!

Luckily, there’s one Starbucks Coffee near the place I work. Cheras Leisure Mall. :)

This is the Starbucks Outlet in Cheras Leisure Mall. See? no Qs.
Starbucks 1

Here is the FREE Coffee! RM 0.00!
Starbucks 2

The coffee. :)
Starbucks 4

Cool! a RM0.00 bill. XD
Starbucks 5

I guess they will have a party going on soon for Christmas?
Starbucks 3

Your Internet Done Right experience could win you Windows 7 Ultimate and a kickin’ new HP Mini!

Pimp My Broadband – DiGi
Sign up a new DiGi Broadband and stand a chance to win a HP mini Netbook!

and… I’M ONE OF THE HP mini netbook WINNER!!! See the Winner List!

Won with this photo. It’s soo easy! Just shot with my lovely FS4 and a bit of Photoshop. XD
Broadband Done Right  - DiGi

According to DiGi, the model is a HP mini 110-1034TU, comes packed with Intel Atom Processor N280 1.66 GHz, 1GB ram, 160GB Harddisk, 10.1″ monitor, build-in 3G modem and the Windows 7 PREINSTALLED!!!

You can check out their DiGi Facebook Fan Site about this contest.