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The HTC Sensation came stock with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread with the latest HTC Sense 3.0(some call it Sense 3D). (As the time I’m reviewing this phone, HTC Malaysia announced that the HTC Sensation 2.3.4 Over-The-Air updates is available to download, which brings lots of improvements, But this demo unit doesn’t seems to detect any… sadly…)

  • Running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

The world known Open-Platform Operating System – Android from Google just doesn’t stop improving. In this version, even more improvement and new features introduced, with even more staggering amount of apps estimate around 250,000+ in the Android Market ready for your dispose.

I’m not going to continue talking about Android as it would need a whole
wikipedia-amount-of-pages to talk all about it.(Yes, it’s really that much). I’ll be focus more on the HTC’s custom User-interface – HTC Sense in my following article.

  • HTC Sense 3.0 

HTC Sense - Lockscreen - Unlock Ring with 4 quick-launch icons.

One of the MOST polished User-Interface for Android – HTC Sense, is even more polished then ever! It still look like the familiar HTC Sense, but in cool 3D!

The new lockscreen is just brilliant. Well done for HTC. As you seen above, it has four customizable quick-launch icon and a ring at bottom. You need to drag the ring towards the center of the screen to unlock the phone. In order to launch the quick-launch, just drag the icons to the ring and you’ll be in the apps in no time. I personally like the “Phone” quick launch a lot as it save time for me to make calls. :)

Video to demonstrate the lockscreen and homescreen.(a lil jerky, but should be fine to get the whole idea)

HTC Sense - Homescreen

Go further in, and you’ll see the new Sense Homescreen. Still sees the big HTC Flip Clock just like the old Sense. But once you move it around, you’ll immediately realized that all the widgets are now in 3D! Moving between panels to panels just look just awesome. A quick moving on the homescreen would send the panels “flying” in round too.

HTC Sense 3.0 - Seven panels of homescreens

By pressing the “Home” button on homescreen, you’ll see the total 7 panels of homescreens which you can have your widgets and apps shortcuts. There’s no way to add more or remove it. But who want to remove them anyway?

Sense 3.0 Apps Drawer - Grid and with tabbed layout

As for the Apps drawer, apps are arranged in a Grid layout and has a new tabbed below which arrange the apps in “All Apps, Frequent, Downloaded”. Which is a nice feature when you have a lot of applications installed. But I wish they could have introduce ‘folders’, which I can group some apps together for better apps management.

  • New & overhauled HTC Apps

In Sense 3.0, all HTC apps gone thru some overhaul for this new qHD screen size, like added more viewing rooms. There are a few that worth a mention,

HTC Weather

HTC Weather, even more eye-candy!

HTC Weather, even more awesome animations, fully animated in 3D with sound effects! (I like the Thunderstorm one particularly)

HTC Watch

HTC Watch - new way of digital distribution for movies.

HTC Watch, which is HTC new apps for digital content distribution for movies. It uses progressive download technology which makes it possible to watch videos without waiting for a huge file to finish downloading. Too bad the service isn’t ready for Malaysia…. *sad*… We can only see a few movie trailers to test how it works.

Andy enjoying Resident Evil's Trailer on HTC Watch.

  • Conclusions

HTC had included so many features into this phone, and it’s just soo hard for me to elaborate all of them here. To conclude it, HTC Sensation is nicely build. The new Sense 3.0 is just awesome to look at and the added functions are great! which live up to it’s name “Sensation”. It’s no doubt that it’s one of the best Android smartphone out there. :)

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The HTC Sensation is courtesy of DiGi Telecommunication & Nuffnang Malaysia.
Really thanks for giving me a chance on reviewing this awesome phone and I’m looking forward to review any phones from you in the future. :)



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