It’s a HTC…It’s a Samsung…NO! It’s a Ninetology Z1!

The awesome folks in Tech Kaiju Arena from Ninetology Malaysia, is kind enough to gave me two review units to play around for a week.

Ninetology Paperbag The Two Phones

Ninetology Z1 & HTC Butterfly s

Ninetology Z1 & HTC Butterfly s


Guess I need to be a SUPERMAN-BLOGGER now!

Detail tech specs? Just click on their respective official product page link below.

What I do best is to feed you all with REAL beautiful photos of the ACTUAL PHONES. :D

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1)

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) - The HUGE Box

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) – The HUGE Box

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) - Box Contents

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) – Box Contents

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) - Front - the large 5.7" HD IPS Screen

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) – Front – the large 5.7″ HD IPS Screen

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) - Aluminium Back.

Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) – Aluminium Back.

Official Ninetology Z1 Product Page

First impression, The MASSIVE UNNECESSARY HUGE BOX that screams “KILL ALL THE TREES!!!”.
(Sorry for exaggerate, use a strong small box could be greener)

Open it up, the phone with HUGE 5.7″ IPS HD display, comes with standard charger and standard earphone.
And they are kind enough to bundle “TWO” type of phone casing and screen protector too!
(You probably won’t find others selling case for this phone anyway).

Surprisingly, it’s thin and solid to hold. Front design somehow resemble the look of Samsung Galaxy phones.
But unlike Samsung, the back is made of ALUMINIUM, YES! No cheap sammy-plasticcharsiew!

I noticed that there’re like 3 golden contact points at the back, is there a docking-station accessories?

Just my 2cents, I felt that a logo is left out on the front top left corner, I’ve done some simple mock-up of something like this.
Don’t you feel it’s better for your company branding?


Ninetology Z1 (U9Z1) – Supports Dual Sim with 3G HSPA+

The phone supports DUAL SIM with 3G HSPA+ connectivity!

On paper, its written that it’s capable of having speed up to DL≈42Mbps, UL≈11.2Mbps, too bad I have no way to test the speed with our telco…

The phone is pretty much stock Android Jellybean 4.2.1, I do hope they will honor some future OTA updates for the phone to 4.2.2 or even the latest 4.3.

BUG REPORT : There’s one bug that I found in the unit I got, when enable “Auto Brightness” in Display settings, the screen drop below viewable brightness… hopefully it’s something that can be fix thru firmware updates. :)

Some accessories design flaw:The included free phone case doesn’t really protects all the edges, lots of exposed area. The clamp is a lil too strong. When taking it off, it will grab along the “SIM CARD plastic back plate” or the bottom plate. Would be even better if you can make it thinner. :)

Some Screenshoots

Price at a very affordable RM 1,199. 


So who’s next?

HTC Butterfly s (901s) 

HTC Butterfly s - Box

HTC Butterfly s – Box

HTC Butterfly s - Box content

HTC Butterfly s – Box Contents

HTC Butterfly s - Front

HTC Butterfly s – Front

HTC Butterfly s - Back

HTC Butterfly s – Back

Official HTC Butterfly s Product Page.

The HTC Butterfly s is an upgrade from the predecessor – HTC Butterfly(x920d), maintaining the same beautiful 5″ Full HD display, with the pleasant reflections edge-less design on the glass. It comes with a newer chipset, UltraPixel Camera with HTC Zoe, HTC Boomsound with dual frontal stereo speakers and a massively bigger 3200mAh battery. However, the bigger battery made the S version notably thicker and heavier than the original Butterfly, slight taller too.

HTC Boomsound, will certainly BLEW YOU AWAY! Best sound I heard from a phone soo far!

HTC Ultrapixel Camera with HTC Zoe does offer a unique photo-taking experience.

Shame that it doesn’t have IPX-5 rating  anymore. (IPX-5 – Protected against low pressure water stream from any angle.)

The phone now comes with the latest Sense 5 on top of Android 4.2.2. Hate it or not, it’s one of the best looking Android custom UI in the market.


Being a HTC Flagship, it also carries a flagship price at RM 2,399. 


Hands-on Verdicts

Ninetology Z1 & HTC Butterfly s with the Droids

For HTC Butterfly s, it lives up to be the latest HTC premium flagship, with premium price tag of course. The new upgrades are definitely welcome.

For a budget, the Ninetology Z1 doesn’t sucks. It might not be able to handle heavy 3D games on the not-so-power-QuadCore chip, but during the normal usage test within a week, there’s no significant slow down. Body build is quite good as well for this price.

So, why fight fight fight? they’re both are good phones with different market segment, just sharing the same Android ecosystem.

I believe Andy the Android would still welcome both of them into the Android family with lots of love. :)


The Wall of Pledge – Responsible Blogging 2013

Oh ya, Ninetology is doing this campaign called – The Wall of Pledge for Responsible Blogging 2013.
The campaign main objective is to spread awareness among the Malaysian online community for responsible blogging.
Why not you take a look on the link at the picture below? Put your pledge to blog responsibly! :)

The Wall of Pledge - Responsible Blogging 2013


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