TigerBites! – Do You Know Your Street Food by Tiger Beer –


TigerBites is all about FOOD! Something we as Malaysians can never had enough of it!

The TigerBites car convoy to Penang to uncovered some of the best street flavours around Penang! (and some in Ipoh also!)


Ion as the host of the event!

Met Jason and Isaac! And the fellow lady bloggers Diana, Bowie, Miriam and Elana!

Off to Penang with a whole convoy of Volkswagons! *Click load more for more pictures!*

So our first destination at Ipoh,


Woh Heng Coffee Shop

Dried Curry Mee

To my surprised, we didn’t went for the Ipoh chicken rice but instead, we went for this dried Curry Mee.

It’s a Black-Sauced Beehun with Curry Chicken, topped with CharSiew . Good spicy curry aroma, taste good too.


Bloggers busy taking photos of food and post them instantly on social medias.


We have a Malaysian stand-up comedian in the house, JASON LEONG! Very talented guy who is good at telling jokes while standing-up. *no la~ just pun*

Told us some very Malaysian jokes to keep us entertained.

Apong Guan

Finally reached Penang, and we just in time for tea time! With 3 different filings each! Corn, banana and coconut! Not too sweat to my taste, kinda like it.


The Royale Bintang Penang

So this is our stay for the night.

RE Camera

Tiger CharKuehTeow

Penang, of course makan CharKuehTeow lah!

TIGER sure knows how to put up a entrance celebration, welcomed by Chinese Drums Performance!


Both Ion and TIGER give us some really cool dance moves!

Supper at Old Green House

Another must try in Penang is the Hokkien Mee, aka Prawn Mee in KL!


Want something light and chill? get a TIGER beer lar~


Breakfast on the Bed

First time ever I had my breakfast without leaving my bed! *other then I go open the door of course*. Served by The Royal Bintang Hotel!

RE Camera

Eel Fish ball Kuey Teow Teng

The main character of this Kuey Teow Teng is the Eel fish ball and the minced meat!

And look at that bottom of the soup bowl! IT’S ALL GOOD STUFF IN THERE! no wonder the soup taste soo nice!


Just before we starts the journey back to KL

and some other photos while we at Penang. *click the button for more*

On the way back to KL


You must be thinking so it ends?


There’s still a final DINNER waiting for us in Seapark!

Seapark “Flying” Wantan Mee

What special about this Wantan mee? FLYING lar! :D It taste pretty good too.


The “Flying” Experience in photo sequence

pss…. did I told you that I’m one of the winner for the media trip Instagram contest? :d *sorry for spamming all your Instagram whole day*


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