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Florish decals – WIP 1

Ok, finally make up my mind to drop the ‘bamboo design’ and continue with Floral design.


Work In Progress Phase 1 – It’s just FANTASTIC for just look at it.  Even still in WIP stage, its already eye-striking.

My own namecard…

My personal namecard.

The namecard will be double sided, with Matt Lamination on both sides. Just to add more “OHM!” to the card,  I’ve decided to use Spot-UV to make it looks much more impressive, with a cost of course… (=_=|||)

I like to make things to look simple, so does my namecard design. Why choose to be ‘difficult’ when ‘simple’ just works?

The cards will be ready next Tuesday… so let’s see how’s the real thing will look like.

Illustration work – Wallpaper

Dragon illustration work i’ve done out of boredom…. the illustration is half way thou. Will show my next progress later tomorrow.

The illustration is made in 1280×768, so you can use it as your widescreen computer wallpaper too. :)
Dragon wallpaper