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K2OC-Interclub Convoy to Putrajaya

K2OC / MMC / Sutera Club – Interclub Convoy to Putrajaya
Joint convoy between K2OC, MMC and Sutera Club.

Video camera: Me
Video editor: Me
Basiclly, it’s made by me. lol

Youtube link to the video. *For the video quality, I really have no idea wats happening…

First Ads publish on magazine!!!

My first ever Ads publish on a International Magazine!

FFE cover

Furniture & Furnishing Export International (FFE)

This magazine is a about furniture & furnishing all round the world. It talks about some news in the involved industry, event interview, some features new products and some other information on the furniture field.

Then where’s my ads? here it is. :)


The concept for this ads is basiclly playing around with the circles and try to be clean. I’ve used the company’s icon which is build with 2 rounded shape.  If you notice, the picture in the big circle is taken in Air Asia. Thats right! My company actually supply office furniture system to Air Asia. What is the evidence? just look for red “Air Asia” aeroplane outside the window. :D

The top circle has a office chair in it. It’s our new product call “ACTIVE“. I’ve no idea what’s the link of “Active” to this chair. The chair hav noting tat links to “ACTIVE”…. I wonder how the Product Design people got the name from… Nah. thats not my part anyway :)

I’ve took a try on the address placing. By putting the address centerize, then pull it to the right. Please do have a look on the picture for clearer explaination. :)

Comments are welcome. Thanks :D

Nexus Trailer

My final work for my last semester. :)

This is a Sci-Fi movie trailer made using 3Ds Max 7 and After Effects 6.5. I’ll show u the final model in the next post.

NEXUS Trailer

I have it on Youtube too. tis one is just for better viewing.

Project Nexus – Modelling

First test render using Brazil R/S renderer. It’s still very simple for now.

Second render. (after numourous of renders). Added Wing reinforcement part and some small tweak.

This really rocks! Trying the growing lens effect on the thruster compartment.

*Ops… :p picture cramp. I’ll adjust it next time. If you want to see the actual view now, just right click and save the picture.