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Behind The Lens Series 4, featuring Master Keda Z.

Date : 2nd August 2012

Venue: Ecoba Restaurant & Bar.

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The next series would featuring JIM LIAW!!! FAST! RSVP your attendance at the FB event page below!
Behind the Lens 5th EDITION featuring JIM LIAW

Behind The Lens 4rd Edition – Keda Z.

Ecoba Restaurant & Bar

The Attendence

Keda Z.

Keda Z

Keda Z.

The Q&A Session

Keda showing some of his works, before & after.

Keda Z. shows how he did it.

Kevin Tan & Melvin Lai got their photos printed on the awesome Canon PIXMA iX6560 Colour inkjet A3+ printer!


Jake Leong~~~ What are you doing? :p

DiGi Fandroid Day @ D’House

It’s FANDROID DAY! where all Android freaks gathered! (hem….. most of them)

Fandroid Event at D’House!

They prepared some small breakfast for us to fill our tummy, too bad about the out-of-order coffee machine’s’ (ya, all of them doesn’t work, NO MORNING COFFEE)

The Fandroid Day Attendees

It started with a small activity to wake everybody up!

Morning exercise? That’s too ‘mainstream’!

It’s a Fruit Cutting day~

We CUT SOME FRUIT in the morning! Everybody is divided into 5 teams, and we need to cut fruits one by one by turns! Exciting morning rite?

Here’s Team 2! HOORAH!

Team 1 WON! Reward? KitKat!

Too bad, we’re not the winners… Winners got a pack full of Kit Kat…. :(

So we go back to the STUDIO for some DG marketing stuffs…..

Forecast of Mobile Networking

They first shown us the rate of the rapid growth of mobile internet. NOW, people needs average around 15mb/day on their mobile to do their daily stuffs. And they forecast that by 2020, people would need MORE THEN 1GB/day. (like most forecast, this future might come earlier then we though)

So how DiGi is going to do to cater all this “sounds crazy” demands of the future?

DiGi talk about “The Tomorrow Network” Project, which is one of the BIGGEST and MOST AMBITIOUS network modernization project of DiGi. there would be:

  • 95.8% High-Speed Internet coverage for all Malaysian.
  • Extra capacity for every single base station.
  • Stronger, more stable, smartphone & tablet-ready.
  • Cleaner & Greener.
  • Tomorrow-ready as the FIRST LTE 4G network in Malaysia!

The project already started last December, and would be finish around end of 2012

Great isn’t it? Hope to feel the improvements at my area ASAP. :)

Next, they invited a guest speaker from Google Malaysia – James Yeang (aka Friedbeef)

James shown us some Android growth statistics, and continue with some Android features on the latest Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Talks about some cool Google Apps like Google Goggles, Google Map (panoramic, indoor), Google Docs, and more.

LIVE twitter contest winner!

and a Samsung Galaxy S2 for this lucky girl for being the fastest to answer the question in a LIVE Tweet contest! (me slow….)

Samsung talks on Galaxy Nexus

So now Samsung talks about Galaxy Nexus. Running Android 4.0, aka IceCream Sandwich(ICS), out of the box, it’s a phone developed by a partnership between Google and Samsung as the 3rd generation successor to Google’s previous flagship phones Nexus One and Nexus S. Features like Face-unlock, zero-shutter lag, and lots of new features from the awesome ICS.

Galaxy Nexus

Rear view – White variation of Galaxy Nexus!

And I got to see & feel a white Galaxy Nexus!

So what after this? Sure lar TOUR the D’House~ Click ‘MORE’ below for more photos!