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Huawei P20 Pro – Triple the Fun?

Huawei P20 Pro - Triple the Fun - Special thanks to Digi Telecommunication and Digizens who made this review possible. Many thanks. ;)
Huawei P20 Pro - Triple the Fun - Special thanks to Digi Telecommunication and Digizens who made this review possible. Many thanks. ;)

Huawei P20 Pro – Triple the Fun?

The back is shiny as fxck - beauty in every angle.

Being one of the Huawei’s P series smartphone, a series pioneer in smartphone photography. Huawei P20 Pro brings us the game changer – Triple Camera system, co-engineered with LEICA, grabbing the No. 1 spot score at 109 in DxOMark.


Let’s go thru some specs :

  • Screen : 6.1″ AMOLED Screen, 1080 x 2240px Resolution
  • Chipset : Kirin 970, Octa-core processor paired with Mali-G72 MP12 GPU
  • Memory : 6GB RAM, 128GB of Storage
  • Back Camera : Tri-lens camera system, co-engineered with LEICA, equivalent of 27-80mm focal length, consist of 40MP RGB camera, f/1.8 aperture + 20MP Monochrome camera, f/1.6 aperture + 8MP Telephoto camera, f/2.4 aperture, autofocus (laser focus, deep focus, phase focus, contrast focus)
  • Front Camera : Single-lens camera consist of 24 MP, f/2.0 aperture, fixed focal length
  • Battery : 4000mAh; supports Huawei Super Charge
  • Connectivity : Dual SIM (Dual 4G VoLTE stand-by), Wifi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, NFC.
  • OS : Android Oreo 8.1 with EMUI 8.1
  • Others : IR Blaster

Hardware specs are certainly quite impressive. the screen resolution 1080 x 2240px (FHD) might be a lil bit “dated” for some, but it doesn’t really bother me.

The Kirin 970 chipset in the Huawei P20 Pro is able to handle graphically intense games like PUBG Mobile at full graphic detail with minimum lags, which some phones might ran into trouble.

No expandable SD card slot, but 128GB internal storage comes as standard which should be adequate for most.

IR Blaster is a plus, enable you to control all your home non-smart devices in a single device.

PUBG Mobile runs very fine, at max details.
PUBG Mobile runs very fine, at max details.

Body & Design - It's GLASS front & Back!

The review unit is a “Black” colour, not the infamous “Twilight” dual-tone colour that grabs the most crowd attention. As of the time of review, the twilight colour is not yet available in Malaysia. (Update: it’s coming to Malaysia after all, expect to see it early May 2018)

Even so, it is still an attractive phone. Front and back build entirely out of glass, shiny as fxck, and super-fingerprint-magnets too. It’s almost impossible to get a clean shot for my review(smudges just won’t go away). Luckily it’s easy to clean it away since it’s glass, but it won’t stay clean for long….

Notch - it's evil....

Yes, I know. It’s every Android enthusiast nightmare, NOTCH… so deal with it.

It houses the 24MP front camera, sensor and speaker(which act as part of the stereo speaker too).

Good news is that you have an option to sorta ‘hide it’.

Water and Dust Resistance - now you got a new way to cool it down


IP67 certification for water and dust resistance, no problem if you “accidentally” left your phone out cold in the rain. (maybe after laundry?)

Two more shots under the rain for no reason. ;)

Huawei P20 Pro - Watercooling?

Playing PUBG Mobile and the phone is too hot? Just DIP IT IN.

Video - 4K is rubbish, FHD is fine.

Full HD is a ‘ok’ with digital stabilization. 4K is AWFUL, with zero stabilization and image quality is BAD… Being a 2018 Flagship phone, this is kinda unacceptable.

Let’s get straight to the point…. on what I usually do.

PHOTO CAMERA - okokok, here we go.

Huawei Tri-lens camera system, collaboration with Leica Camera.

The most prominent feature of Huawei P20 Pro is doubt, the camera. it’s all the hype about this phone. Let’s get into some features shell we?

Huawei Master AI - leave it all to the AI Photography MASTER! or should you?

Digi D'House - The first photo I took with Huawei P20 Pro. Master AI went for the "blue sky" setting fully automatically.

Huawei first introduced the MASTER AI feature in the Mate 10, feature that utilize the on-baord NPU, it automatically detects the shooting environment and switch shooting modes on your behalf to create a better shoot.

Let’s take an example on the photo above, the moment I point my camera, the Master AI “Blue Sky” sorcery kicks-in in second, the sky immediately turns blue, saturation kicks up, building foreground got brighten up, and over-processed sharpness. Walla, Instagram-ready shot, rite?

Not so in every situation perhaps… In the course of the review, I find myself turning it off occasionally. The intrusive AI will sometime, switched into modes that are undesirable, sometime confused between two modes(greenery vs blue sky), switch into “portrait mode” when doing a wefie with a bunch of friends…

Another example of AI confusion.

A close-up shoot of Broccoli. It just can’t make up its mind, switching between Close-Up mode and Greenery mode.

And the colour gone haywire, some shoots appear have oversaturated green, some weird green and some pale green.

The most right image is Master AI turned off.

Huawei MASTER AI - Dog mode
Huawei MASTER AI - Dog mode

Master AI in action, switching into Dog Mode.

Handheld Night Mode - impressive...

Night Mode (handheld long exposures) is absolutely astonishing, the results are bright and clean image(noise still visible when u zoom in), but never been any camera phone that impressed me so much at night, P20 Pro took the night shooting crown.

Telephoto Zoom - Get closer to your subject.

As the images above, you can see that the telephoto lens on the P20 Pro allows you to do optical 3x zoom(2nd from left) and a 5x hybrid zoom(3rd from the left), both of these zoom levels are quite usable in my opinion, preserving most of the details and image sharpness.

There’s the 10x Digital Zoom(the most right, or bottom for phones), but image is ‘mushy’ painting-like, and detail lost.

f/0.95 bokeh is still around - not really a fan, but it's here.

f/0.95 bokeh effect, not something I particularly likes, but sometime it does gives you interesting effect.


The Huawei P20 Pro is certainly not a perfect phone, but the beautiful design, quality build, cleaner user interface and the triple camera system does offer an excellent photography experience, for once I don’t mind taking the phone out at night for pictures, taking night shoots.

Again, special thanks to Digi Telecommunication and Digizens who made this review possible. Many thanks. ;)

Oh ya, do check this link from Digi if you’re interest to get the Huawei P20 Pro. ;)

The PERFECT Huawei P20 Plans from Digi starts from RM1,119!

More Photo Samples

Experiencing DIGI Postpaid For Business


A cute hamster from Digi drop me this Windows Phone Bundle to try out their latest business plan – Digi Postpaid for Business.

I ran a small design company named Light Owl Studio, an interior design, graphic design and web design company.
They want me to give this plan a try as a business individual.

The Windows Phone Package included:
Microsoft Lumia 950XL
Display Dock (At a special rate)
Wireless Display Adapter (FREE!)
Digi Business Postpaid 238 SIM Pack

* The above Windows Phone Promotion Bundle is a limited-time only deal from Digi, but the deal had since ended when this article went live. *

Wireless Display Adapter, Microsoft Lumia 950XL, and Display Dock.


Being the top tier Business Postpaid 238 plan, for RM238 every month, you’ll get:

25GB of Internet Quota with 5GB Internet rollover,
Unlimited Calls and SMS to all networks,
Unlimited Whatsapp and WeChat,
Free 100GB Capture Cloud Storage,
Unlimited data to Capture Cloud Storage app and Video conferencing app.

The plans are mostly aimed at Small & Medium Businesses (SME) owners.

All variants of Digi Postpaid for Business


Some of you bosses might wonder, what so different about this business postpaid?

Short answer is NO DIFFERENT. but just bare with me.

The advantage for this plan is you will be able to include your whole business phone bills under “Company Expenses”. Still don’t understand? consult your tax advisor for this. ;)

For IDD calls, you don’t need to dial the budget IDD prefix number to make an international call. Just dial direct the number and you will be connected to your oversea clients/colleague immediately.

But to be honest, other then the above two, the plan has no different with the personal plan (other then it cost slightly higher).

It’s targeted to Small & Medium Businesses (SME)

For the purpose of my review, Digi decided to pair the plan with a Windows Phone.

Bad idea. 

I love my readers, if you do plan to take this plan, choose an iPhone or any Android devices. Windows Phone is just not ready yet, and it sucks.

Being a business plan bundled WINDOWS PHONE. There’s no myDigi app, no Digi Music Freedom app, no Capture app, no app (a Telenor app for Video Conferencing). From the response from Digi, there’s no plan for Windows Phone to have all these apps anytime soon.

For network performance, Digi perform quite well in most case, the fast 4G LTE and network coverage does help out when I need to tether internet to my laptop to get some job done when I’m outside of my office. Speed average around 20-30M at most place. Call quality is generally perfect, but does suffer to some drop calls, which isn’t too bad.

How about IDD calls? It works perfectly. But too bad my business don’t really use much international calls.

Speedtest - One of the best Speedtest result for Digi 4G LTE Network


Design with SME in mind? As a SME owner, I found this plan to be un-intuitive and lack of features.

To stand out from the personal plan, these are my 2cents to the plan.

  1. An offer to a 1st party or 3rd party Business Training Programme,
  2. Software Bundle (Antivirus subscription, Microsoft Office subscription),
  3. A ticket to work something out with DigiX? ,
  4. A Priority Support Line? (this could be simple to implement)
  5. Offers a coverage f i x & signal boost within the company area?

DiGi is the FIRST Telco in Malaysia to offer Direct Billing for Google Play


DiGi Direct Billing for Google Play


DiGi just recently announced that they had collaborate with Google Malaysia to enable DiGi Direct Billing for Google Play.

Direct Billing for Google Play is basically an alternative payment methods for Digi Android users for all their Google Play transactions. It links your Digi and Google Account, your purchase will show up on your coming bills, which is much convenient and secure, without credit card or debit card. Both Prepaid and Postpaid are supported.

No more troublesome Debit Card restrictions and Credit Card nightmares! PAY WITH DIGI! 

What Can I Buy?

Anything! anything from Play Store, include Apps, Games, Movies, Books, Newsstands and even in-app purchases.

For mobile gamers rejoice! Playing Clash of Titans or Candy Crush? Want more turns to farm resources? Wants lots of gems? Or double XP packs? NO PROBLEM!

How to it Setup?

Enabling Digi billing is easy, just go to “My Account” in Play Store, enable it like the steps above. It will verify your account with Digi and you’re done.

Ok Ok, BUY BUY BUY. But How?

Select the apps you want, then under “Payment methods”, select “Bill my Digi account”, and key in your Google account password. That’s all. Fast right?

Secure or not one oh?

Just between Digi and Google, no cash or credit/debit card transaction involved, every purchase will be listed in your next Digi bill.

I don’t believe you, I want to see more information about it.

Nah, here’s the beautifully designed website at Digi. – DiGi Direct Billing For Google Play.

10 Reasons You Will Love The HTC RE Camera

It’s an inhaler… It’s a periscope… It’s the HTC RE!

It captures breathtaking photos/HD videos, and it’s waterproof! 

HTC Re Camera Front - The big 16MP wide-angle lens, slow-motion trigger button, LED status light and speaker at the bottom

HTC Re Camera Front – The big 16MP wide-angle lens, slow-motion trigger button, LED status light and speaker at the bottom.


“Is that a camera?”

That’s the first question from everybody when I roaming around events like Comic Fiesta 2014, friend’s wedding actual day and social gathering, pretty much everywhere! Even the Mamak’s chef shows his interest!

Even the chef in Mamak also can't hold his curiosity, "Itu kamera ke?"

Even the chef in Mamak also can’t hold his curiosity, “Itu kamera ke?”



There’re these 10 things that HTC got it right on the HTC Re.

1) The Design 

An upside-down inhaler, submarine’s periscope, a PVC waterpipe~

The tube-shape and bright coloured design is indeed a curiosity-magnet, designed to look fun, cute and gets people to poke fun of the look with.

Made to be use single-handed-ly, small lightweight to fit in my hand, but never feels like it’s going to slip out of my grasp. A big silver button to shoot a photo in a short press and long press for video capture. Another button in front for instant “Slow-Motion mode”, and that’s all the buttons it has!

HTC RE - Big Silver Button, short press to take a photo, long press to shoot HD video.

HTC RE – Big Silver Button, short press to take a photo, long press to shoot HD video.


2) Unobtrusive

Ever get annoyed in an event by participants who took photos using big DSLRs, big video cameras, big phones, big tablets and even long selfie sticks, that average “Uncle Bob” most photographers/videographers hate? With the HTC RE, you shoot almost in the shadow, like a NINJA.

3) Always-on

It’s ready for action right after you grab it! You won’t find any power button on the RE. Turning it off is totally unnecessary!

Really handy for people who loves to take quick snapshots. It’s so handy, I left my other phone camera out cold most of the time. (Sorry, HTC Desire EYE)

Saw a beautiful sky while you driving? Snap it!

Saw a beautiful sky while you driving? Snap it!


4) Waterproof

Get action anywhere, get action underwater too!

IPX-7 certified, it’s able to dive 1 meters deep into the water for 30 minutes, right out of the box, without a casing! Oh, cover flap for that USB charging port not needed!

Going even deeper? Attach the optional HTC Re waterproof cap (comes with HTC Re Protection Pack), get instant upgrade to IPX-8 protection! 3 meters deep in the water for 120 minutes!

HTC Re - Bottom. MicroSD card slot and the exposed USB Charging port at bottom. Don't worry, it's still IPX-7!

HTC Re – Bottom. MicroSD card slot and the exposed USB Charging port at bottom. Don’t worry, it’s still IPX-7!


5) 146 degree Wide-Angle lens!

Taking a shot without a viewfinder might need some time to get used to, but when you get a hold of it, it’s MAGICAL. The field of view is so wide, you feel like you can capture the whole world with it!

Selfie? Piece of cake!

Selfie? Piece of cake!

Taking a selfie? Just AWESOME.

Taking a self-group-photo? Get ALL your friends, I MEAN ALL into your shots, you’ll be surprise how many people you can fit in using only the HTC Re!

Let's Wefie! Count how many people I can fit in with the RE!

Let’s Wefie! Count how many people I can fit in with the RE!

6) Easy to use

Saw an epic moment? Just hold it up, aim and press the button to shoot, it’s that easy. Never get distracted by viewfinders and LCDs, LIVE-IN-THE-MOMENTS!

But be warn, because of the easy to use nature, it will turn you into a selfie-addict too!

7) Android and iOS compatible

The companion RE app is supported on both Android and iOS! Just download the HTC RE app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

But don’t get me wrong here, the HTC Re works STANDALONE!

8) Slow Motion & Time-lapse Video

Watch your dog ran for their food and your cat’s silly jump from one table to another in slow-mo, make a time-lapse of you drive to a destination, or that awesome sunset outside of your hotel windows when you travel!

*Do switch to 720p for better viewing experience*


9) Accessories

There’re some official accessories already made available for HTC Re. Bar Mount, Clip-On mount, Charging Stand which doubles as a time-lapse stand, suction mount and RE Protection Pack which comes with 4-piece kit includes a waterproof-enhancing cap, protective lens cap, and neck and wrist lanyards.

Have a cool camera tripod lay around? The HTC Re has a standard camera screw mount for that. Ever feel like get it higher up with a Quadcopter? Making a weird DIY stand for your creative shots? there’s UNLIMITED possibilities to mount it!

Official HTC Re Accessories


10) Updates and more features

More features will come to the camera thru software and hardware updates.

HTC mentioned that they will launch a Open SDK for 3rd party developers, which opens up even more features for people to explore.


Updates from HTC. Bug fixes, enhancements and new features.


Update : Shortly after my review, the live streaming via YouTube was launched, which enables real-time live broadcasting from the HTC Re.



Picture Samples

Most of them are straight out of camera. (Some has some contrast adjusted)


HTC Butterfly 2 : The Best of M8 in Nihon-style!

The best-selling phone in both Japan and Taiwan – the HTC Butterfly series, gets a follow up – the HTC Butterfly 2!

Why I said Nihon-style in the title? The series is originally design for Japan as HTC J Butterfly, HTC’s ambitious plan to take over Japan! (HTC: “Muahahahaha-desu.”). The reason why the Japanese-inspired-design in it. It later gets an international release in other Asian market as HTC Butterfly. (and a rogue one in US as HTC Droid DNA)

It’s pretty much the same hardware and the familiar HTC Sense 6.0 as the HTC One M8. But the beautiful HTC Butterfly 2 Official Splash still worth to have a look.

I’ll focus more on the difference compare to M8. Thanks HTC Malaysia once again for the phone review opportunity!

Body Design

Here are two introductory photos of HTC Butterfly 2 in a less conventional place. (Yes, it’s on a wet lilypad, soaked in pond water and splashes on top to make it look more dramatic)

Front: GOrgeous 5-inch Full-HD display, BoomSound Stereo Speakers on top and bottom,  the usual proximity sensors and 5MP Front Facing Camera.

Front: Gorgeous 5-inch Full-HD display, BoomSound Stereo Speakers on top and bottom, the usual proximity sensors and 5MP Front Facing Camera on top

HTC Butterfly 2 - Let's turn it around, the familiar Duo Camera and dual-toned LED flash!

HTC Butterfly 2 – Let’s turn it around, The orld first 13MP Duo Camera and dual-toned LED flash!

And remaining photos of other angle on top of my hand. (the usual one)

Yet another elegantly-crafted phone from HTC, holds on palm comfortably thanks to the curved back with tapered edges.


Colour Choices

I don’t usually talk about colours because it’s mostly personal preference. But this is UNIQUE.

Only two colours are available for Malaysia, the Canvas White and Rogue Red. (Sorry, no Blue love…)

Here with me for this review is the beautiful “Canvas White” HTC Butterfly 2 in Matt finishing polycarbonate shell. According to HTC, this white matt finishing has a unique anti-stain feature that it allows easy cleaning surface, the surface colour will not change over time.

For the “Rogue Red” colour, it’s specially coated with cunified colour treatment, the beautiful red colour will stay the same on every viewing angle. Downside is that it’s a lil bit fingerprint-magnet. For the OCDs, you can just wash it on tap water, or get the fucntional HTC Dot View case. (Get that case, you won’t go wrong with it.)

A really hard choice rite?


“I Aint’t Afraid of WATER!”

Fishy fishy~~

Fishy fishy~~

WATER RESISTANT IS BACK WITH VENGEANCE! Now with both IPX5 and IPX7-rating water-resistant and IP5X dustproof. You can now dip this phone into the water! (But don’t dive with it as the standard only covers water-resistance up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes). Just take it for a breeze shower, playing favorite songs on Sportify, clean it up with fragrance soap or some bath tub selfie?

Surprisingly, it has no water-seal cover on the USB charging port, no more cover flap broken issue! HTC said nothing if Stark Industries is behind this, but that is really a good achievement! (A moment of silence to my HTC Butterfly waterseal flap…..)

Annoying water-seal cover flap? Nop, not on this HTC Butterfly 2!

Annoying water-seal cover flap? No, not on this HTC Butterfly 2!

Attempt to do some Underwater photography with the HTC Butterfly. (Thanks Siau Wei Teng help shooting this!)

Attempt to do some Underwater photography with the HTC Butterfly. (Thanks Siau Wei Teng help shooting this!)

Yup, dip it in the water and grab some shoot! (you can find the result below)

BoomSound Speaker

The excellent HTC BoomSound dual frontal stereo speakers formula is on it, straight to the ear experience, very good in terms of clarity and loudness. No complaints here.

World’s First 13MP Duo Camera

World's First 13MP Duo Camera with dual-toned led flash

World’s First 13MP Duo Camera with dual-toned led flash

HTC decided to put a 13-MegaPixel Duo Camera instead of  the “UltraPixel” camera used on the M8. Using a more conventional sensor with more pixels might be more appealing to some, but personally I still prefer the unique “UltraPixel” camera which has a larger sensor for low lights situation and is build with shooting 16:9 wide photos in mind.

On field test, it shoots ok on daylight (not surprising). But the focusing speed is not too ideal, I often missed a quick snap because the camera seems struggle to get things in focus fast enough.

I noticed some annoyance in the camera settings. The default 16:9 is not 13MP but actually a cropped from a 4:3 photo, So switch to 4:3 mode brings back the full 13MP resolution and it actually gives a wider field of view, but downside is the Duo Camera is forcefully disabled… same issue with 1:1 ratio which I use quite often(Instagram frequent user). A bit of a miss there. Really hope future updates can address this issue.

For the front camera, there’s a wide-angle 5MP front-facing camera that would do selfies just great, even group selfies!


Auto-Brightness Issue

Even with the “power-saver”  mode off, the auto-brightness doesn’t seems to adjust the backlight according to the environment correctly, resulting in a too-dim display at most of the times. I’m forced to use manual brightness to make the screen readable and it became quite an inconvenience.


Battery Life

Battery results are very subjective to person’s usage pattern, but for me it last pretty well. I noticed my portable charger stayed in my bag out cold much often (a 10400mah portable charger is something I always carry with me as a dead phone is not funny). According to the battery history, it still have around 58% after around 8hrs of usage (Power Saver turn on with vibration on, never notice any performance issue). If you get into a situation where there’s no power outlet or portable charger when you’re low in battery, there’s an “Extreme Power Saver” that squeeze out even more battery life by turning off all non-essential functions.


Snapshots Sample

And here’re some snapshots I done during my review(Sorry for being really random). Some photos are slightly tuned using Snapseed or HTC Photo Editor.