MSN Messenger 8.0 Features

MSN Messenger 8.0 is expected to be launched at the end of the year, but its features have already been leaked. It is interesting to see the different approaches to IM taken by MSN and Google. MSN’s philosophy appears to be to add every feature imaginable, whereas Google Talk thinks that more is less and focuses on just providing a basic IM service without all the bells and whistles.

But from what I see, most of it looks like “Junk” to me…

If you are interested, here are all the new ‘cool’ features MSN messenger 8.0 will have that will make the client even bulkier and harder to use:

• Change of Messenger Skins
• Real-time Emotions
• Messenger Built Internal Windows Media Player 10
• Pause/Resumed File Transfers (File Blocked Extension Applied)
• Detailed File Transfer (Download/Upload Speed)
• Animated Display Pictures (.gif .jpg .png (File Support under Consideration))
• Mood Status
• Faster Contact List Loading and scrolling
• Public Profile and MSN Spaces Combined
• More MSN Space features
• New Hotmail and MSN Messenger Integration
• Downloadable MSN Messenger on Mobile
• News Updates according to Location
• Top 10 MSN Music Radio
• New Stylish Notifier Pop-up
• Downloadable Skins for MSN (Contact Window & Conversation Window)
• Complete Integration with Windows XP® & Windows Vista® Codename: Longhorn®
• Offline Voice/Message Machine
• Animated Buddy Icon Helper
• Display Picture Ratings

The Sims 2

Gone bored for a while, and decided to dig back my old games to play.

Ya, and is The Sims 2.

and I rush to the CD shop to get the 2 expension packs, University and Nightlife.

University add in a “University” to ur neighbourhood. You can send your sims teenager to university for further studies. Get your Degree, major on which courses. Control your Sims on daily lifes in university, having classes, having exams, having parties, and ya…. find ur girl fwens… ^^

Nightlife add in a “DownTown” to ur neighbourhood. New place for your sim dates, family travel or shopping.

Ever think of Fuel Cell technology?

Ever heard of hydrogen fuel cell technology? if you did notice, in Terminator 3, Terminator took it out and throw out the window, and boom the T-X. But tats for distructive purpose. ^^” Fuel cell can generate loads of power. Even more than Energyzer or ur rechargeble battery.

This technology was going to let you carry your laptop around without charging it for a month. Tats good…. dun need to scared you have too less time to do your work on battery power. and make laptop even more portable! ^^ (yea…. gaming for laptop…..)

Maybe a small Fuel Cell power plant at the backyard of your house? don’t need to pay anymore electric bill! mayb we could EARN some extra money for help to power up our neighbour. lol .

Ya, it also posible to power up your car. Feel thirsty when you drive? and you have no water in your car? You dun have to fear! just get it from your exhaust pipe! What fuel cell produce after burning is “H2O“! (Water)

And wat all this means? MORE POWER! and STOP causing damage to the ozone layer!