Will Google buy AOL?


Recently, Google have partnership with Sun Microsystem to work on their Office Suite – StarOffice to fight with Microsoft Office. (I think we would see “Google Office” at anytime.)

And now, is highly posible that Google gonna buy AOL to fight back on MSN combine with Yahoo Messenger.

Here is what reason I think Google would buy AOL.

1) Access to more internet users
Provide it with a massive content and services platform, and allow the company to build a bridge to the huge world of Time-Warner content

2) Search Engine
Google, known as the best search engine on PC. But how about phone search? ya, think of VOIP, Search, IM, SMS. The AIM could be the search window for your mobile phone. Google HAS to get on the mobile in some way if they plan on dominating mobile search too.

3) Mail Service
AOL mail and Gmail. Wat you think? Convert all the AOL accounts to Gmail!

4) Instant Messenger
Google Talk (Beta) have been release, to launch it up officially, do u think AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) combine with to Google Talk! would make it even more better?

Windows Vista Packages

Windows Vista, the next generation of Windows. It means to give presure to Apple tat Microsoft can do tat also.

Here’s packages of Windows Vista tat Microsoft claim it would be.

Windows Vista Starter Edition

Windows Vista Home Basic Edition

Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

Windows Vista Professional Edition

Windows Vista Small Business Edition

Windows Vista Enterprise Edition

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

The last one not really related to ours.
N Edition

For more details,

X-Tech Magazine

X-Tech Magazine - Cover

X-Tech, when you see this, would you buy it?

It’s actually my assignment on Graphic Design. To design a magazine. ^^ I know some of the “news” on tat cover page kinda old ;D.

How you think bout the magazine? would you buy tat magazine on tat cover design if it’s real? I’ll post all of the pages inside of later posts.

Following pages of the Magazine.
More photos of VR centre, CyberJaya

My work for Digital Imaging…

Digital Imaging class

Anybody feel uncomfortable after see this, I’m 10000x sorry… >.< It's my Digital Imaging final assigment. Concept based on "digitalize". Did it giv the feel of "digitalize"? :p I've use picture of power plug, Webcam's lens, CPU fan, Graphic card board and ya.... my face. Other is just some editing using Photoshop. The end result turn out kinda nice after a small survay on my fwens.