Finding for the ZEN of assignments……

Oh god….. LOADS of assignment, and due dates is just 2 weeks after… oh…… who can help me!

Been to Cyberjaya VR centre last 2 weeks.
Place: VR centre, CyberJaya (Virtual Reality Centre)

VR (Virtual Reality) centre is place in CyberJaya. Next to HSBC building and opposite of DHL..

Wide display for the VR
Tats the wide, “U” shape screen, something like wat u c in IMAX theater. It’s the VR of PutraJaya, wat you saw in the picture is PICC building in PutraJaya.

uh.... Professor X seat?
When I first saw tis chair, is like…. “wow… cool.. looks like Professor-X chair…”, tats the VR control seat (but nobody sit on it when the “show” begun ^^”), tat chair let u navigate around the VR world.