April 21, 2021

I was recently given an opportunity to review the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 Plus for a week. Thanks for everything. Smiley Very Happy 

Since now MCO, kenot ke sana ke sini, why not do a simple indoor review? 


Samsung's newest star of the show colour is the PHANTOM BLACK.  It's a Matt Black colour finishing on Glass. (I thought it is aluminium  material at first, thanks my friend corrected me).  The weight mixed with the texture gave both these phone  a premium feel. 

Front are entirely screen. Gone with the impractical days of very curvy edges. S21 Ultra only has a slight curve all round with 2.5D edge Gorilla Glass. S21 Plus is complete flat.  

Can't stay flat a flat surface.  Worse for the Ultra. 

The back is the camera bump. The most distinctive design of S21 series. The S21 Ultra  bumps are larger and thicker, and a lil top heavy.  


Finally, the variant we get this time is not a cripped chipset, compared to last year's Samsung flagship.

They now runs on the Samsung's latest  Exynos 2100 CPU with Mali-G78 MP14 GPU  chipset. Fast. Shouldn't be a problem dor daily usage, even play games like PUBG, COD Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, MOBA, Alto's Odyssey (120hz enabled game), you can max out the graphics and it will run exeptionally good.  

Paired with the super bright  120hz Dynamic AMOLED screen.  You can definitely feel it when you navigate around the UI, fluid. And hidden under the screen is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Battery? 5000mAh on the S21 Ultra, which contribute to the extra weight and thickness. And 4800mAh on the S21 Plus. Both phones can easily  last more then a day. 

No expandable storage, no power brick this time.  No headphone jack as well. Smiley Wink

No benchmark results here for you too, you will need to find another place for that. My opinion is that benchmark results are irrelavent for the normal users nowadays. (and becos I lazy)

Even the old S-Pen from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 works on the S21 Ultra! Only downside is you can't keep the pen inside the phone now.  

Unfortunately, there's no S-Pen support for the S21 Plus.

Both phone have a very similar design, Bottom: loud speaker, dead-centered USB Type-C Charging port, and SIM Tray.

Just Power button, and Volume Dials on the right of the phone, they gave just enought tactile feedback. No Bixby button now. and the left side is left empty.

S21 Ultra thick camera bump.  


Here's a detail picture of all the unique lenses on both phones. S21 Ultra (Left), S21 Plus(Right).

Some might think both the S21 Ultra and S21 Plus camera system are the same but just S21 Plus missing one camera, but they are actually completely different. 

S21 Ultra QUAD Camera  with Laser Focus

S21 Ultra main wide camera uses  Samsung's latest 108MP ISOCELL HM3 1/1.33" sensor, paired with a 12MP Ultra-wide camera, true 10MP 3x optical zoom and 10MP 10x optical periscopic zoom, which translates to zoom up to 240mm focal length!  And able to do 100x Hybrid Zoom too!  Is this the perfect camera setup? 

S21 Plus  TRIPLE Camera

S21  Plus doesn't get the ISOCELL treatment but instead, a  standard 12MP sensor on the main wide camera, paired with a 12MP Ultra-wide camera, and a 64MP 1.1x optional zoom camera, which can do 3x Hybrid Zoom.  The 1.1x zoom distance left a lot  to be desire... 

Only a single punch-hole front camera for both. Difference being S21 Ultra has a higher pixel count at 40MP compared to 10MP. Both should be good enought for selfies/group-fies, video calls, video conferencing and Vlog. 


Article got a bit too long, so I'll break it into two parts.

Next, I would talk more on the camera system, some photos and comparisons between two.

Stay tuned.  



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